2020 National Conference


Conference Program 2020

The Conference will be held over the weekend of October 3rd and 4th, 2020. Here is a draft outine of our program - we will release a more detailed agenda very soon. Once you have registered, you will also be able to access this information via the conference app and create your own, personalised program of events.



Friday October 2nd


Sunday October 4th



Saturday October 3rd

Keynotes, Paper & Workshops

Keynote Addresses
Elizabeth Blades: The Holistic Singer: Mind, Body and Voice in Singing.
Elizabeth Blades: A Spectrum of Voices: Thoughts on Teaching.
Jenevora Williams: Young and Developing Voice.
Diane Hughes: Going Viral: The Quest for Evidence-Based Singing Pedagogy


Papers &Workshops (additional papers and panels will be added as they are confirmed)
Stephanie Acraman: Enabling success for our young singers
Linda Barcan: Embodying the Text: A Song Preparation Process for the Classical Singer
Penelope Cashman: Pedagogical Perspectives on Lyric Diction
Amanda Cole: The Trouble with Adjectives: Some lessons from theatre
Jacki Cooper: Jazz voice education in Australian regional secondary schools: Investigating best practice and challenges
Jacki Cooper: Scat Singing – Unlocking the “Scooby-dooby-doo” Mystery

Dale Cox: The year that changed my teaching: Ethnographic research into music theatre and CCM voice pedagogy
Karen Cummings & Heather Keens: What is contemporary vocal technique and performance as it is applied to new classical music theatre, opera and art song?

Jacqui Cuny: Exploring synergised performance artistry in musical theatre: strategies for effective training, practice and performance.
Tania Grant: Brain development in adolescent females and its impact on the singing voice
Christina Gronborg: Why can humans speak, but other primates can’t? – Your questions answered
Anke Hoeppner-Ryan: Learning for Cover's sake: An auto-ethnographic study
Shelli Hulcombe: Singing with Style: the implications of cross-genre training on the classical singer
Esther Hunter: Composition as a tool for Adolescent Singers going through Voice Change
Victoria Lambourn: Voice Placement: Pedagogical Perspectives
Marisa Lee Naismith: Navigating Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Styles: A foundational singing voice pedagogy
Belinda Lemon-McMahon: The story behind the sound: the factors that influence the development of vocal identity
Laine Loxlea-Danann: Singer-Songwriters: An investigation into the Formulation of Singer- Songwriters’ Vocal Performance.
Nadine Manion: Creating a Trans*+ friendly studio
Sarah Marshall: Cognitive Skills to manage Performance Anxiety
Natalia Melnik: From Russia with Love
Judit Molnar: Songs, Signs and Messages – The Voice of Kurtág

Julia Nafisi: How German are German lieder? Perception of a genre in modern Australia

Debra Phyland: The Road to Vocal Success Can Be Bumpy
Sharny Russell: Simple, Stylish Piano Accompaniment For Contemporary Repertoire
Margaret Schindler: doctorVOX-Bubbling for Vocal Efficiency

Veronica Stewart: The Singer-Songwriter
Rachael Thoms: Teaching Jazz Voice in the Academy
Pat Wilson: Singing our own songs
Emma Wilson: 30 Years of Vocology: A Brief Past, Present, and Future of this Emerging Speciality

Panel discussions

"With a little help from my friends": Vocology

"In my Life": Research - a never-ending story

"Help me if you can": Self-care for teachers

"Across the Universe": Singing together - the value of community music

"Here comes the sun": Where to from here? Singing, teaching and recording in the post COVID era


Please note: Conference program is correct at time of publication but is subject to change