2020 National Conference

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Mentoring Program

30th September – 1st October 2020

Cost: $90


ANATS is pleased to offer a formal mentoring program scheduled to precede the national conference in October 2020. The program will commence the day before the conference on 30th September; sessions will continue on 1st October and will conclude prior to the conference opening. There will also be opportunity for breakfast discussions on each day of the conference.


The mentoring program is open to any ANATS member who is also attending the conference and wishes to develop, modify and/or affirm their teaching practices and knowledge. Topics covered will include:

  • Voice anatomy and physiology

  • Phonation and resonance

  • Breathing, alignment and breath management

  • Technologies for contemporary singing and teaching

  • Considerations of style

  • Troubleshooting

  • Teaching practices and lesson planning

    • Individual

    • Group

    • Studio


The mentoring program will be facilitated by A/Prof Dianne Hughes and National President Shelli Hulcombe, with invited speakers and opportunity for individual discussion with our international and national guest presenters.

In preparation for the program, those registered will need to submit a short teaching reflection and attend Zoom meetings prior to October. This will establish a mentoring network and identify the aims of attendees. The cost of the program will be $90; attendees will be issued with an ANATS professional development certificate at the completion of the program.

Registration is available as an add-on to the conference registration - alternatively, you can ask further questions or register interest by emailing anats.conference@gmail.com.