ANATS is for those who have a passion for singing.


We help teachers any style of singing to be the best they can be by providing opportunities for learning, developing and networking.


ANATS is with you throughout your career. We strongly advocate for the teaching of singing in Australia.


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The principal objects for which ANATS Limited has been established are:


  • To encourage the highest standards in the art of singing and the teaching of singing

  • To promote voice education and research at all levels

  • To provide opportunities for members to meet together regularly at national, state, territory or regional levels

  • To provide regular communication to Members


Taken from section 2.1 of the Constitution; Objects and Powers of the Company

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About ANATS 

ANATS is a professional association dedicated to serving all those who teach singing in Australia.


ANATS promotes vocal education and research in all genres and at all levels, both for the enrichment of the general public and for the professional development, advancement and interest of both singers and teachers.


ANATS maintains a register of teachers of singing who qualify for membership under the terms of the association’s constitution.


ANATS presents workshops, conferences and other forums for members to meet together regularly on a national, state, territory and/or regional basis, to exchange ideas and information in the many fields of singing, voice science and pedagogy.


ANATS communicates regularly with members through its website, its newsletter, The Voice of ANATS, Facebook page and other chapter-based newsletters.


ANATS publishes an international peer-reviewed journal Australian Voice,


ANATS maintains national and international affiliations with equivalent and related organisations.


ANATS provides bursaries and other benefits to encourage teachers of singing to achieve excellence in their profession.

Objectives of ANATS 

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