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22 Mar 2020 | Teaching & Performing Jazz Vocals | CANCELLED

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Welcome to Term One, everyone! Grab your diaries... Sun 22 March: Teaching & Performing Jazz Vocals with Rachael Thoms

What makes jazz? Learn about jazz style, interpretation and phrasing, improvisation and technology. Take away exercises to assist with re-imagining a melody and improvising. Our presenter, Rachael Thoms is accomplished in both jazz and classical performance and has unique insight into the technical and stylistic demands of several idioms of music. Rachael is a passionate teacher delivering a considered mix of vocal pedagogy, performance techniques, music theory, improvisation techniques and music business fundamentals.  Her voice training philosophy spans the teachings of Janice Chapman, Accent Method Breathing, Estill Voice Training Method, Bel Canto and is guided by current findings in voice science. She graduated from the Australian National University School of Music with a BMus Jazz Performance degree with First Class Honours in Classical Performance and a Master of Music majoring in Classical Performance. Rachael is a PhD candidate at the Australian National University School of Music and a recipient of the Australian Government Research Training Scholarship. Her research interests include vocal pedagogy, hybrid vocal technique and performance and aspects of voice science. Her research topic is; Merging Classical and Jazz Vocal Pedagogies: A Hybrid Approach to Tertiary Jazz Vocalists' Functional and Stylistic Training.


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