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20 Mar 2022 | ONLINE | Early Career Teacher Sessions

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

ANATS NSW is pleased to prevent our latest professional development opportunity. This event is for singing teachers of any style, who are at the start of their professional careers. Throughout the year we will be hosting a number of meetings in which an experienced industry leader will guide you through a discussion on all aspects of voice teaching, helping you to develop a network of peers, answer questions, solve problems and gain experience in your chosen field.

NO topic is off limits.

You don’t need to be an ANATS member to attend.

After the event, you will be able to join a Facebook group with your new peers so that you can keep in touch, ask questions and continue to support one another as you develop in your careers.

So, if you are a singing teacher who is just starting out, join us for this amazing event.


NON-MEMBERS - $20.00

However, you can attend your FIRST network event FREE OF CHARGE.

Our first meeting is Sunday 20th March 2022.

Reserve your ticket HERE

Meet your mentor: Liz Lecoanet

Liz is a singing teacher and performer with a 20yr+ experienced career, who taught/directed/ conducted and sung all over the world. Originally from Brisbane, Liz now runs a busy studio Glebe and prior to this was a working singer in NYC, teacher, music theatre director and singing teacher in Paris, and singer in London.

Along with technical singing skills, Liz works holistically with students, from a body/mind aspect, and also from a dramatic point of view. Liz currently mentors many young teachers and local and international artists, assisting them with lesson plans, how to approach different voices/ages/people/ musical genres/music theatre direction etc.


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