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About us

ANATS is for those with a passion for singing

We help teachers of any style of singing to be the best they can be by providing opportunities for learning, developing, and networking.


We're with you throughout your career, strongly advocating for the teaching of singing in Australia.

Take a look at our strategic plan for 2021

What we do

Professional association dedicated to serving all those who teach singing in Australia.

Promote vocal education and research in all genres and at all levels.

Publish a directory of teachers of singing in your area.

Present workshops, conferences and other forums for members to meet together regularly on a national, state, territory and/or regional basis, to exchange ideas and information in the many fields of singing, voice science and pedagogy.

 Communicate regularly with members.

Publish an international peer-reviewed journal, Australian Voice

Maintain national and international affiliations with equivalent and related organisations.

Provide bursaries and other benefits to encourage teachers of singing to achieve excellence in their profession.

Our objectives

The principal objects for which ANATS Limited has been established are:

  • To encourage the highest standards in the art of singing and the teaching of singing

  • To promote voice education and research at all levels

  • To provide opportunities for members to meet together regularly at national, state, territory or regional levels

  • To provide regular communication to Members

Taken from section 2.1 of the Constitution; Objects and Powers of the Company

Download a copy of our constitution

Download our Member Code of Ethics

Support ANATS

Support ANATS

As a Registered Charity, ANATS Ltd can receive tax deductible donations that support our objectives.


If you would like more information on making tax deductible donations or bequests to ANATS Ltd, please contact the National President of ANATS Ltd, Linda Barcan, at

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