Free Member Webinars

Every year the ANATS National Council offers our members three free webinars with leading voice researcher, practitioners and presenters.

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From Puccini to Pink! with Tim Carson (2021)

Classically trained females who want to sing pop music face some of the greatest challenges of any developing singer. They are required to adopt new vocal coordination and develop approaches to their musical expression that often oppose the “rules” for classical singing. Their journey in developing in this new genre is not merely an adaptation of their classical background, but requires them to establish new skills and coordination in an art form that is as different as it is similar to the one they have learned.

This webinar and masterclass will provide practical tools for the female classically trained singer to develop the necessary techniques and style to be successful in the world of pop music, and to do so using established techniques that promote vocal health and longevity.


Laryngeal Manual Therapy with Louise Drysdale (2020)

Join Louise Drysdale, physiotherapist, as she discusses manual therapy for laryngeal release - an allied health treatment rapidly gaining popularity in rehabilitation and maintenance of vocal health and associated tension management. Louise will explain the concept of laryngeal manual therapy, who can benefit from treatment, self-maintenance and releases for singing teachers, as well as talking about knowing when it's time to seek treatment (or recommend it to your students). She will also suggest ways in which you can most effectively set up your studio to take care of your body and voice. It's been a tough few months and many of us are feeling the results of tension in our bodies and voices, whether it's through online teaching, emotional stress or simply winter chills - log in from home and learn about an aspect of self-care that is critical to our long-term sustainability as singers and singing teachers.

Motor Learning in the Vocal Studio with Kittie Verdolini Abbott (2020)

How do our students learn? In this 90 minute webinar, leading voice scientist Dr Katherine (Kittie) Verdolini Abbott will explain motor learning as it applies to singers. She will focus on the type of mental “computer” used in motor learning, as contrasted with the processor used for “book learning.” Other aspects covered will include focus of attention, the role of co consciousness, and so-called “laws of practice.” You will gain a better understanding of how to effectively embed the complex motor skills required in the art of singing, to promote the best outcomes for your singing students.


Peak Performance with Dr. Shona Erskine (2019)

A 1.5 hour long national webinar on Performance Psychology for Teachers, including online resources for continuous engagement, offered to members of the Australian National Association of Teachers of Singing (ANATS) Ltd. This course discusses the underlying mechanisms and functions of performance anxiety. By separating somatic and cognitive anxiety we take a closer look at patterns of anxiety, before developing and practicing performance scripts to mediate anxiety in response to performance.


Designing Exercises for the Classical and Contemporary Singer with John Nix (2019)

This 90 minute webinar will focus on  vocal exercise design for both classical and contemporary voice teachers. Professor Nix will discuss the difference between warmups and exercises, pedagogical considerations in exercise design (including motor learning, muscle development and age/experience considerations), as well as illustrating these discussion points with practical examples. This webinar will be interactive, with opportunity for questions throughout.