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Western Australia Chapter

Welcome to ANATS! The members of the WA Chapter of ANATS represent teachers across all vocal styles, teaching platforms and experience. 


The WA committee aims to support our members and their students through providing vibrant events that connect, inform, develop and entertain. 


Each year we offer a variety of relevant professional learning and performance opportunities for teachers and students.

WA Committee

President:  Rennae van der Laan

Treasurer: Robert Hofmann

Secretary:  Nikki Sullivan

Digital Officer: Liz Pascoe

National Councillor: Rebecca Watson 


Committee: David Dockery; Maureen Furr; Victoria O’Neill; Liz Pascoe; Penny Reynolds: Megan Sutton; Maribeth Williamson

Click to download current WA President's Report (2021/22)

Latest News & Upcoming Events

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