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Victoria Chapter

Welcome to the ANATS (VIC) page, where you can find further information about our upcoming events, and other goings on.

Victoria Certificate of Recognition - Recipients

We proudly recognise the following members for their services to the singing and teaching community:

  • Jenny Caire

  • Brian Hansford

  • Loris Synan

  • Ruth Gilmore

  • Carole McKenzie

  • Noel Ancell

  • Curtis Bayliss

  • Katherine Sadler

  • Margaret Dalglish

  • Wendy Todd

Victoria Committee

President: Curtis Bayliss

Vice-President: Wendy Todd

Secretary: Blanka West
Treasurer: Lucas de Jong

Digital Officer: Freya Meredith-Hanson

National Representatives: 
Dr. Julia Nafisi, Wendy Todd & Linda Barcan

Linda Barcan, John Lander, Catrina Seiffert, Dr. Julia Nafisi, Chris Nolan & Drew Downing

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