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Support ANATS Ltd.

ANATS Ltd is a Registered Charity with the ACNC. As such, ANATS Ltd can receive tax deductible donations that support our Objects (see below).


The principal objects for ANATS Limited are:

·      To encourage the highest standards in the art of singing and the teaching of singing

·      To promote voice education and research at all levels

·      To provide opportunities for members to meet together regularly at national, state, territory or regional levels

·      To provide regular communication to Members


This is from section 2.1 of the Constitution; Objects and Powers of the Company)

Our members and patrons may download a copy of our constitution.


If you would like more information on making tax deductible donations or bequests to ANATS Ltd, please contact the National President of ANATS Ltd, Linda Barcan, at



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ANATS Ltd Constitution

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