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17 Mar 2024 | ACT | From Head to Toe

This unique movement-based workshop delves into the intricate connection between posture, groundedness, and the art of vocal production. Participants will explore the profound impact of a neutral spine, not only on the feet but also on key elements of vocalization – the diaphragm, hyoid, jaw, and skull.

Throughout the workshop, you'll unravel the subtle interplay between body alignment and vocal effectiveness. Engage in exercises that highlight the symbiotic relationship between your body and voice, experiencing firsthand how a well-aligned spine can resonate through your entire being.

Under the expert guidance of our facilitators, discover the importance of a balanced foundation – from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head. Witness the dynamic shift in your singing through a before-and-after exploration, as adjustments and heightened awareness unlock newfound vocal clarity and resonance.

Join us for "From Head to Toe," where the language of movement speaks volumes.


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