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NSW Chapter Event - SOUND ADVICE: 26th April 2015


Join us for ANATS NSW first event of 2015!

To download the brochure and registration form, please click here.

Sunday 26th April 2015

9:30am - 4:00pm

What is it? A one day celbration of singing and performance.

What is it for? A Fundraising event for the ANATS ROCO approved Fund to assist in further education, including attending overseas conferences and workshops.

Who is it for? Anyone who loves to sing and wants to learn how they can have a better understanding of their stage sound and sure-fire ways to improve it!

Singers, of any age, classical or contemporary, will have an opportunity to work with industry professionals to learn:

  • How to work with an accompanist

  • How to sing with a microphone and using professional sound equipment

  • How to get the best sound from your voice at a gig

  • Tips on improving performance, including HSC

  • Then, bring it all together to perform in the afternoon!

Those singers who are interested in participating in an optional performance in the concert will need to submit:

1. Short bio including age, gender, style and nominated song

2. Audio and/or video performance - send us your YouTube or Dropbox link

There will also be mega raffles with fantastic prizes on the day!

Suggested Donation:

$30 for Morning Session (includes participation or observing + free entry to or optional performance in concert)

$10 to attend concert only

Workshop Contact: Carol-ann Bentley

Ph: 0410 453 378


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