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4 Mar 2024 | VIC | Tech for Teens

ANATS VIC Chapter Presents...

'Tech for Teens', with Drew Downing: A FREE online event for teachers, performers and more about creating productive, relevant and engaging technical routines for teen contemporary singers.

Monday, 4th March, 20243:30-4:30pmOnline

Technical works have come a long way in recent years. Beyond the generic scales and sustained notes, we can engage our young vocalists through those tried and true methods whilst exploring new ones.

For teachers of VCE Music, this is a great opportunity to discover how tech work can be transformative for student development in both written and performance outcomes:

  • Warm Ups VS tech Work

  • How to Talk Anatomy

  • Extracting Exercises from Repertoire

  • VCE Music

  • Creating a Purposeful Routine

  • Time for Q & A

This informative event is free for all participants. However, registration is required.

This event is online only. A post-event recording WILL NOT be available.

Tech for Teens is presented by Drew Downing. Read more about Drew here:


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