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14 Mar 2021 | ONLINE | From Puccini to P!nk: Helping the Classically Trained Female Sing Pop

Updated: Apr 28

Classically trained females who want to sing pop music face some of the greatest challenges of any developing singer. They are required to adopt new vocal coordination and develop approaches to their musical expression that often oppose the “rules” for classical singing. Their journey in developing in this new genre is not merely an adaptation of their classical background, but requires them to establish new skills and coordination in an art form that is as different as it is similar to the one they have learned.

Join Tim Carson for this webinar and masterclass will provide practical tools for the female classically trained singer to develop the necessary techniques and style to be successful in the world of pop music, and to do so using established techniques that promote vocal health and longevity.

This free webinar is available to all financial members of ANATS as part of our National Member Webinar Series. Tickets for non-members are $20.

March 14th, 2021

11:00am AEDT

Tim Carson

Tim Carson is a voice teacher who specialises in popular style with clients all over the world, with over 25 years experience in the music industry. Tim’s students have appeared on American Idol, The Voice, Broadway, include recording artists with national tours...and also brand new beginners, and folks who just love to sing!

Tim has a Master’s Degree in Voice from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago and his unique training has been featured internationally at music conferences, medical (laryngology) conferences, and in multiple published works including books distributed by Hal Leonard and TC Helicon.

Tim Davis, vocal arranger and on-set vocal director for the FOX TV show GLEE says, "Tim Carson is an amazing vocal coach. In my opinion, he’s the best out there today!"


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