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QLD EVENT: Freak Out with Sarah Marshall

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Freak Out: with Sarah Marshall

When: Sunday 11 August

Venue: Nundah Library - Meeting Room (1 Bage Street, via Primrose Lane, Nundah, 4012).


9am-12pm ANATS Queensland's next exciting event is Freak Out: with Sarah Marshall. This practical workshop on performance anxiety will give you tools to help your students manage performance anxiety and address ways we can create a studio culture that allows students to perform at their best. Come and learn from wonderful Sydney-based psychotherapist and counsellor, Sarah Marshall, and her wealth of experience working with performers. Learn evidence-based strategies to: -Manage pre-performance anxiety -Maintain attentional focus -Recover from mistakes during performance -Develop self-talk that makes an impact -Use imagery that improves performance -Mentally prepare for optimal performance Don't miss this unique professional development opportunity to expand your teaching tool-kit and help your students to perform at their best!

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