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ACT Chapter News June 2013

ACT Chapter News June 2013

ANATS ACT has had a busy last few months, with a number of members attending ICVT in July. It was a very exciting and intense four days, and I, like my colleagues, found much stimulation and food for thought and further study in the very diverse program of presentations offered during that time, as well as much delight in the exchange and companionship of so many wonderful colleagues. We are all thrilled that the Congress was such a resounding success. A post - ICVT Forum was held at the home of Theresa Rayner on July 28, for the benefit of those members who were not able to attend the Congress. A small but enthusiastic group attended, sharing experiences, and consolidating understanding. It was most intriguing to hear the varied responses of colleagues to presentations, and some very interesting discussion resulted. Some delicious food was enjoyed by all, particularly the fabulous orange cake baked by Theresa!

Sarahlouise Owens has reported that on Saturday August 31, a beautiful Canberra Spring afternoon with cherry blossoms in full bloom and a perfect, still and warm sunny day, the ANATS Canberra chapter held their pre-eisteddfod workshop at the Canberra Baptist Church in Kingston, for any students of our members to try out their pieces for Canberra’s upcoming Centenary Eisteddfod.

There were 14 participants in all, most of whom were young singers although there were adults as well. They all sang 2 of their solos prepared for the competition. Included were ensembles where some students had teamed up to perform duets. This was an ideal opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere for students to present their songs to an audience and receive a report from an adjudicator.

All the participants sang very well and the standard is very encouraging for the future of singing in Canberra. The participants graciously received their reports given them by Sarahlouise. Thank you to Doreen and Theresa as well for their contribution to organising the event. Our next major effort will be our Professional Development Day , which this year will focus on the Feldenkrais Method. This will be in a workshop format, and will be led by Cassandra Morrow, a noted Canberra practitioner of Feldenkrais. This event will take place at the Lingard Hall at Canberra Grammar School on Sunday October 27. All are welcome, and those interested should contact myself or Rosemary Lohmann for further information. As the year hurtles onward, we are looking forward to another busy time, with the Australian National Eistedddfod in September, and end-of-year concerts and assessments.

Angela Giblin, ACT Chapter President

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