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19 Apr 2020 | ONLINE | Registers in the Raw: A World Voice Day Celebration

Sunday 19 April 2020 at 5:00pm to 7:00pm Two hour lecture from Chris Johnson. Topic: “Vocal Registers - The Mechanics & Acoustics”  ANATS Member - $20.00 Non-Member - $55.00 Student ANATS Member - $20.00 Student Non-Member - $35.00 Breaking down the science behind laryngeal mechanics and acoustic registration, and how they work in singing. Gain a deeper understanding of this essential element of voice, and learn practical tips for application in the studio.  Chest/Head/Mix? Mechanism 1/2/3/4? Lower/Middle/Upper? Fry/Modal/Falsetto?  The minefield of different approaches to identifying, naming, and teaching vocal registers is frequently a cause of confusion and disagreement amongst voice professionals.  This webinar from Chris Johnson aims to clearly distil up-to-date scientific information about vocal registers, and turn it into easily digestible bites of voice goodness that you can apply directly to your studio!  Chris Johnson, aside from being a co-founder of extremely successful voice podcast and blog ‘The Naked Vocalist’ is also a highly regarded teacher and voice expert in his own right. As one half of the Naked Vocalist Podcast Duo, Chris has interviewed some of the world leaders in vocal pedagogy, voice science, and voice medicine, including Dr Ingo Titze, Dr Jeannie LoVetri, Dr Gillyanne Kayes, Jeremy Fisher, Meribeth Dayme, Dr Reena Gupta and many others. Drawing on the combined knowledge and perspectives gained from these experts, and his own experience as performers and pedagogues, Chris is sure to deliver an exciting workshop! To Book, click here:


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