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Past Event: CONFERENCE PROGRAM & PRESENTER ABSTRACTS Now Available for Singing Futures: Pedagogi

Conference Program NOW AVAILABLE!


Pedagogies, Practices and the Digital Age

The 2015 ANATS National Conference

Dear Members,

We are counting down the days to the 2015 ANATS National Conference, Singing Futures: Pedagogies, Practices and the Digital Age to be held in Hobart, Tasmania, from the 24th to the 27th of September this year.

The conference title “Singing Futures” represents a range of topics related to pedagogies, practices and future opportunities to be covered in leading keynote addresses, panel discussions, papers and masterclasses within the following themes:

• Motivating singing teachers and singers

• One-to-one singing lessons and teaching in the private studio

• The realities of teaching group singing across styles

• Research in voice and singing-related studies

• Incorporating technology in your teaching and business practice

We are excited to announce that the full conference program is now available. To view the program, please CLICK HERE. On behalf of National Council, we look forward to seeing you all for what will be an exciting and informative event! From the ANATS 2015 Conference Sub-Committee: Di Hughes, Liz Pascoe, Irene Bartlett and Veronica Monro

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