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Building Blocks: The Basics of Voice Building

BUILDING BLOGS: The basics of voice building

DATE: 19 March 2017, 9am-5pm

LOCATION: St Laurence’s College, South Brisbane

DESCRIPTION: If you͛re an early career singing teacher, carrying your shiny newtoolbox into a studio for the first time but needing to load it up with some useful tools for teaching; a more experienced teacher wanting to replace some rusty tools with newer models; or even if you're a singer interested in finding out more about how your voice works, then this full day workshop is for you. Topics to be covered include the core elements of vocal technique, differences between contemporary (CCM) and classical singing at a physical and stylistic level, and a Q&A forum where there͛s no such thing as a silly question! There will also be the chance to participate in a number of ͚try it out͛ group sessions with practical suggestions for effective teaching tools, and the opportunity to meet and network with other singing teachers and performers at various stages of their careers.

PRESENTERS: The sessions will be led by members of the ANATS Qld committee - Ireni Utley, Shelli Hulcombe, Kate Schirmer, Francesca de Valence and Emma Wilson - experienced and passionate singing teachers across a variety of teaching and performance styles and experience who are prepped and primed to answer your questions in a friendly, relaxed setting. Further information on each presenter can be found at

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