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22 Mar 2020 | Toolbox Top-Up - Fly On the Wall | ONLINE EVENT

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Come and snoop on demonstration lessons by some of Brisbane's best singing teachers. Get the low-down on what they're doing and why it works! As singing teachers, we very rarely get to watch others teach. Toolbox Top-Up: Fly On The Wall is your chance observe a series of singing lessons by different teachers. Each teacher will discuss why they've chosen specific exercises - its purpose, the pedagogy and physiology behind it. It's a masterclass but with so much more detail! The focus is on you, the teacher. Each teacher will showcase a student with different issues to be worked on (no already polished masterclass performances here!) so you can see how to approach different vocal problems including: alignment, breath flow and support, registration, resonance, tension, articulation, stylistic concerns... the list could go on!  Toolbox Top-Up: Fly On The Wall is ANATS Queensland's first event of the year. We want you to come along and, quite frankly, steal all the ideas, exercises and tricks that you see! Start your year off with many more tools in your belt that you can try out on your students and help them get that next breakthrough!

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