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Cabaret: A How to + Singing Across Styles

Hi everyone,

The NSW Chapter of ANATS has an event coming up on Sunday, 28 May 2017, which I know you'll be very interested in attending.

It is our belief and indeed our duty to expose all our teachers and singers to as much diversified information as possible. I believe, of course, it makes us better at what we do and enables us to help our students and clients more. I also believe it impacts on what we already know by reassuring us we are on a united path of knowledge.

We have two wonderful presenters in the one afternoon to inform, enlighten and entertain you.

Cabaret performer, writer and teacher Sheena Crouch is our first speaker for the afternoon and she is certain to delight you with solid info and entertaining flair.

Our second presenter for the aftern

oon, Liz Lecoanet, you have already seen at Back to Basics ll.

You wanted to see more of her, so here she is presenting about the fascinating topic Singing Across Styles - A glimpse into what renowned teachers do to enable their clients to perform in different singing styles.

I recommend you join us for a wonderful, fun and informative afternoon.

My thought is get information at every opportunity because sometimes small doors open into big rooms.

Sunday May 28th 12.30-4.30

See you there,

Stephen Baker OAM

President - NSW Chapter of ANATS Ltd.

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